All firearm transfers must have a FIREARM TRANSFER REQUEST submitted BEFORE your firearm arrives at our facility. Our transfer is $30 per serialized item. Most transfers are ready for pick up within 1-2 business days but our FIREARM TRANSFER REQUEST will have up-to-date turnaround times.

How It Works

  1. Fill out the Firearm Transfer form below.
  2. We will exchange FFL information with the original firearm dealer, and the dealer will ship it to our Stockpile Defense location.
  3. We will contact you when the firearm has been checked in by our store.
  4. You will need to complete an ATF Form 4473 for the necessary background check. You must be the original purchaser.
  5. You will be charged $30.00 for the firearm transfer fee per serialized item.

If you have a request or question, call us today at (208) 322-4867 or stop by our store at 10178 W Fairview Ave in Boise, Idaho to discuss your individual needs.


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