Cloud Defensive MCH 2.0 HC 650 Black LE

Cloud Defensive MCH 2.0 HC 650 Black LE


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The output and candela you would expect from Cloud Defensive, now in a compact handheld.


Clouds widely popular MCH (Mission Configurable Handheld) is designed for a wide range of activities, from everyday carry to camping, hiking, and strategic situations. Offering an incredible 80,000 candela and 1,100 lumens, the MCH-HC (High Candela) model is able to push light at distance and punch through photonic barriers while still offering a generous amount of usable spill.


Output & Specs
• 80,000 Candela
• 1,100 Lumens
• 75 Min Run-time (Full Power)
• 1.2″ Bezel Diameter
• 5.17″ Length
• 5.71 oz Weight (W/ Battery)
• Made In The USA


What’s Included
• Deep Carry Pocket Clip
• 18650 Rechargeable Battery
• Charger & Cable
• 3 “ND” Protection Rings


Additional information

Features a 3-pc design made from ultra durable and lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum that’s then Type III Hard Coat anodized. The MCH-HC is ready to go in all weather conditions, and is IPX-8 rated to be fully submerged up to 100 feet for 24 hours. Proudly made in the USA.


Included with your handheld is an industry-first, Adjustable Negligent Discharge Protection system. This patented ND protection system enables users to configure their tailcap for any application—whether for deep-pocket, belt carry, or plate carrier attachment—by simply swapping out the ND protection rings to achieve their button feel.

We also developed our own deep carry pocket clip made from heat-treated steel and offering the perfect amount of tension for securing the light in your pocket or elsewhere. If that’s not your style, the MCH is fully compatible with aftermarket Thyrm® clips including the popular Thrym® Switchback.

With an impressive 1,100 lumens and 80,000 candela on tap, the MCH-HC light is capable of projecting light far into the night while still providing plenty of usable spill for enhanced situational awareness. Additionally, its Dual Fuel compatibility ensures that your MCH-HC can operate with either 18650 batteries or CR123s, offering flexibility in various situations. We recommend the use of unprotected, flat-top 18650 rechargeable batteries for optimal performance (included). Fully tested to ANSI/PLATO-FL1 standards.

When set to low-power mode, the MCH-HC transforms into an excellent administrative flashlight by offering prolonged run-times. In this mode (10% output) the MCH can illuminate for the majority of the night on just a single charge. This makes it the ideal light for your bedside, in your vehicle, desk drawer, garage, or virtually any place you can think of.
(Note: Expect performance degradation with CR123A batteries: 70,000 Candela / 400 Lumens)

Supports most button-top, Unprotected cells. However, the MCH has minimal compatibility with Protected cells; hence, compatibility with such cells should not be presumed. We strongly recommend utilizing Unprotected cells for their significant performance enhancements.

The MCH is 5-mode programmable, providing you with unparalleled control over output settings. Additionally, you have the flexibility to change programming whenever you wish, further enhancing the MCH’s configurability. See our detailed programming instructions.

Mode 1: High-only (100%)
Mode 2: Low (10%), High (100%)
Mode 3: High (100%), Low (10%)
Mode 4: Very Low (5%), Medium (30%), High (100%)
Mode 5: High (100%),  Medium (30%), Very Low (5%)

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in


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