Forward Controls Design RE5F Buffer Tube Black

Forward Controls Design RE5F Buffer Tube Black


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Get your gun running as smooth as possible by upgrading to the A5 System.


The VLTOR A5 Buffer System is a buffer and receiver extension tube that are intermediate in length. The buffer and the tube are both 3/4 of an inch longer than a standard carbine buffer set up. The system also utilizes a rifle action spring instead of a carbine spring. The A5 system regulates carrier velocity, changes felt recoil impulse, and most importantly, it opens up the entire operational envelope of the gun. It allows the gun to run properly under a much wider range of input and factors. This usually equates to more overall reliability.


RE5F is compatible with 308 ARs, and Vltor’s A5 system. For AR15/M16 applications, it must use Vltor A5, or A5 compatible buffers, and rifle length recoil springs (Vltor’s A5 spring or Sprinco’s Green spring). REF5 is made from impact extruded 7075 aluminum with rolled threads. The interior is dry film lubed, the body diameter is milspec (compatible with all milspec carbine stocks), it has extra drain holes quickly drain water inside the RE.


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Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in

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Forward Controls Design

Forward Controls Design | Stockpile Defense


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