LTC Level IV NIJ ’06 Triple Curve Plate Set (26605-2/26605-18)

LTC Level IV NIJ ’06 Triple Curve Plate Set (26605-2/26605-18)


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Top rated ballistic protection from the leading ceramic plate manufacturer.


For nearly three decades LTC engineers have been designing, building and delivering small-arms protective inserts to the most stringent specifications. LTC has a full offering of sizes, shapes and threat levels, and now you can obtain some of the top rated ballistic protection offered by them. The front plate in this package will be an LTC Level IV Swimmers cut plate, and the rear plate will be an LTC Level IV SAPI cut. This will keep you extremely comfortable for long sessions in your plate carrier. They are triple-curve, and form to the body better than a standard plate. The swimmers cut will feature cropped top corners, giving you much better arm mobility, and will give you more space to shoulder your firearm. The LTC Level IV plates are made from a high-density ceramic, and backed with a layered woven fiber, then finished in a black Codura nylon covering. A foam pad is also affixed to the Strike-Face in order to protect against severe drops with these plates. Not only will that keep these plates from being overly heavy like steel plates, you will not have the concerns of spalling with LTC Plates. These plates offer Level IV protection, and multi hit ratings.


NIJ ’06 Cert offers the same ballistic protection as the ’04 cert, but NIJ ’06 standards also require 2 drops. LTC adds a foam pad to increase drop protection and help these pass the ’06 cert.


Front Plate Specs

-LTC 26605-2 Level IV Swimmers Cut Triple Curve

-10″ x 12″

-7lbs (Per Plate)

-1″ Thick


Rear Plate Specs

-LTC 26605-18 Level IV SAPI Cut Triple Curve

-12.25″ x 9.25″

-7.5lbs (Per Plate)

-1″ Thick


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 5 in


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