Noveske SS Colt Pattern 32RD 9MM Magazine (CPD)

Noveske SS Colt Pattern 32RD 9MM Magazine (CPD)


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The durability of steel with several improvements over the competition to aid in reliability.


Duramag™ set out to re-design and perfect the Colt pattern 9mm magazines for the AR-15. With the Duramag SS™ you can feel confident that it will feed the widest variety of 9MM ammunition, even defensive hollow points, and heavy sub-sonic loads. 9mm AR-15 magazine have always been notoriously stubborn to load, but loading the last round is just as easy as loading the first round with a Duramag™ SS. Other magazines fail when filling to capacity: Duramag™ will outlast and outperform all others, first round to last. These magazines are made with a 410 stainless steel body that is laser welded for strength and durability, and feature and advanced geometry follower that remains level for consistent feeding. Now with the Noveske logo laser engraved into them.

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Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in



Noveske | Stockpile Defense


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