Rearden FHD 1/2-28 Heat Treat (.375)

Rearden FHD 1/2-28 Heat Treat (.375)


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Rearden FHD 1/2-28 Heat Treat (.375)


If you want one of the best suppressor mounts, but without the concussion when unsuppressed, look no further.


The Rearden MFG FHD is not only great as a flash hider, but it is also an incredible suppressor mount. The FHD gives you a taper before the threads, which will help with concentricity, but also this means after hundreds of rounds, carbon still wont be on your threads. This will result in not having to worry about your suppressor getting carbon locked onto your muzzle device, and having your suppressor stuck to your gun. Rearden MFG also added wrench flats to the back of the FHD. These muzzle devices will work with the Atlas, and the Atlas XL from Rearden MFG, but they are also compatible with the Plan B.


Some Suppressor Manufacturers Will Void Your Warranty If You Use A 3rd Party Mount and/or Adapter. No Matter How Good It Is.


  • 17-4 PH H900
  • Atlas and Atlas XL Compatible
  • Plan B Compatible
  • Atlas Adapter Overrun Approximately 1.050″
  • Atlas XL Adapter No Overrun
  • 1/2-28 Threads .375 Bore
  • 5/8-24 Threads .375 Bore
  • H900 Wheat Finish (Variations Exist)
  • Shims Not Included

Additional information

These fit the plan B type mounts. This is an updated version that has larger wrench flats on the rear. Always use an alignment rod to ensure that the entire system is set up correctly. Make sure all surfaces are cleaned and the muzzle device has been torqued and Rockset to the barrel.

Torque the muzzle device to approximately 30 ft lbs. Make sure the muzzle device is square against the shoulder. When setting the silencer on the muzzle device, ensure that the threads and tapers are clean. Torque the suppressor to 10 ft lbs. Ensure alignment. Enjoy. The nitride finish does lead to a tighter seal, with that said, it is extremely important to torque and rockset your muzzle device to the barrel properly.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 9 in


Rearden Manufacturing

Rearden Mfg. | Stockpile Defense


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