Rex Silentium MG22 Extreme Duty 22LR Suppressor

Rex Silentium MG22 Extreme Duty 22LR Suppressor


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Short or tall, the MG22 can do it all!


The MG22 was born of the MG series rifle suppressors. 100% hardened 17-4 Stainless Steel (190KSI tensile strength) for extreme duty, and high volume shooting in all rimfire cartridges. No aluminum to damage by either excessive shooting, or lack of cleaning! Designed for up to 9 length configurations, it allows the user to tune the weight, and desired suppression level to their liking.

Clean it or not… it will take it. Go ahead, scrape off the baffles with your pocket knife. The MG22 doesn’t care!

It is built to run and run. A 100% no-fault lifetime warranty comes standard, as with all Rex Silentium products. If you kill it, we fix it, no BS!


Keep it clean, and remember that after cleaning use some ablative gel (petroleum jelly or similar no toxic gel) on all internal parts before reassembly. The wipe can easily be replaced as a repair item by you or a gunsmith.


  • Rated for: 22LR, 22WMR, 17HMR, 17WSM, 5.7×28, 22 Hornet (no barrel length restrictions)
  • Configuration Lengths: 6.5″ approx 0.47″ per baffle (CONFIGURE FROM 1 to 10 BAFFLES!!!)
  • Configurations Weights: 7.4oz whole assembly, each baffle weighs 0.6oz
  • 100% Hardened 17-4 SS (hardened to 190,000 PSI tensile strength) takes all the extreme abrasion and high pressures
  • Baffles seal to each other via tapers for concentricity
  • Repairable High-Strength High-Temperature Silicone Rubber Cap Wipe (McMaster-Carr item 5787T63 and Punch 3427a17)
  • Full Auto rated
  • Easy to service and reconfigure
  • Easy to own
  • 100% no-fault warranty, valid across the known universe and until the end of time
  • Won’t break the bank

Additional information

Sound Pressure Level ***

Full length Configuration

  • 6″ Buckmark Pistol
    • Standard Velocity 22LR: 120dB
    • Subsonic 22LR: 117dB
  • 16″ Ruger 10/22
    • Standard Velocity 22LR: 120dB
    • Subsonic 22LR: 116dB
  • 18″ Ruger RPR 17HMR
    • Standard Velocity (2400FPS) 17HMR: 125dB

*** We measure Sound Pressure Levels 1M left of the muzzle of the suppressor, 1.6M above the ground ***

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in


Rex Silentium

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