Walther Dynamic Performance Trigger Grey

Walther Dynamic Performance Trigger Grey


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If you thought your Walther trigger couldn’t get any better, guess again.


The best just got better. Upgrade your PPQ, Steel Frame, and PDP series pistols to the new Dynamic Performance Trigger. A significant reduction in trigger weight, take up, and reset makes this the ultimate striker-fired trigger. This kit comes with a new flat-faced trigger, trigger bar, and fire control assembly for an easy drop-in system.


The Dynamic Performance Trigger® fits the following models:
-All PDP Compact and Full-Size Models (*Does NOT fit the PDP F-Series Models)
-All Q4 and Q5 Steel Frame Models
-All Q4 Tac and Q5 Match M1 & M2’s
-All PPQ’s in 9mm and 40cal M1 & M2’s
*Does not fit PDP F-Series, PPQ 45, PPQ SC, or PPQ 22

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Weight .65 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in



Walther | Stockpile Defense

1 review for Walther Dynamic Performance Trigger Grey

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    Walther’s PDP platform has been my duty pistol since it was announced and I could get one. The stock trigger is an improvement over the very good PPQ. I follow some competitive shooters that have made the switch to Walther’s Dynamic Performance trigger, so I decided to get one. They are a challenge to find, however.

    Stockpile Defense had them in stock, and shipped rapidly. Mine arrived a couple days later, well packaged and in Walther’s padded accessory clamshell box. I’m really happy with the value and fast shipping.

    I installed the new trigger and new sear assembly the day it arrived. You’ll need gunsmithing punches, the included directions, a peruse of a video or two, and a little patience. I was up and shooting within the hour.

    This new trigger/sear make for a shorter take up, a very crisp break with about a pound less of pull, and a very short reset. I am very impressed, and I love this setup. Follow-up shots/double taps are more accessible and nearly the same hole, even at 30 and 40 feet.

    Some competitive shooters have also installed the Sprinco trigger springs with great results. I’m not going that far, though, as I carry this gun in the field.

    If you can find one of these Walther Dynamic Performance triggers – get one.

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