EMR-A (Ergonomic AMBI Magazine Release)

Forward Controls EMR-A (Ergonomic Magazine Release – AMBI) Standard

: $70.00


FCD EMR-A is an ergonomic ambidextrous magazine release. The placement of its lever is well thought out to closely mirror the magazine release button on the right side. The portion immediately below the bolt catch’s lower paddle has a lower profile to avoid interference, heretofore a common drawback of popular ambidextrous mag catches, it is also left smooth. The serrated length of the lever is split into a shallow V shaped serrations (80%) that conform to the curvature of the user’s finger, and straight serrations (20%) that form a natural index point, and provide additional traction. We refer to the design as Multi-faceted Control Surface, the difference it makes has to be felt to be fully appreciated.

Two lever options are available. Standard and Extended Reach (about 0.09″ longer than standard). Force amplification achieved from a lever means the extended reach lever is easier to reach, it’s also easier to press than the standard lever. For users with small hands or shorter fingers, the extended reach lever makes the EMR-A a joy to use. For duty and defense ARs, we recommend the standard lever.

A 10.9lb rated magazine catch spring is included with each EMR-A. We’ve long considered the standard magazine catch spring to be rather weak (rated at 8.3lb), accidental / unintended mag drops can take place if a user slings his weapon, and has gear and pouches on the vest. A stiffer mag catch spring mitigates these risks, thus it is an integral part in the EMR-A package.

Additional information

EMR-A's lever pivots on the receiver
EMR-A needs to be removed before installing / removing the trigger. EMR-A is installed and removed in the same manner as a factory mag catch
Eye protection strongly recommended while installing a EMR/EMR-C/EMR-A. With the 10.9lb mag catch spring, there's considerable spring tension in the 10.9lb spring
For 308 ARs, or thicker non-5.56mm spec lower receivers, you will need an EMR-C to offset the AR15/M16 spec mag catch shaft.


Due to lack of standards for 308 ARs, EMR-A may not work with all 308 AR style lowers.
CMC's anti walk pins
HK 7.62mm AR style rifles, MR762 series
Aero 308 AR lower receivers
Hodge Defense Mod 2 lower receivers
APF side folder lowers
Battery assist device levers
KNS Gen 2 anti-rotation trigger/hammer pins. KNS Gen2 Mod2 and Gen JJ, and Gen ST (Spikes Tactical) are compatible with EMR-A with standard lever, but not with extended lever. Gen2 Mod2's pins connecting bar may require minor fitting on thicker receivers to create adequate clearance for the EMR-A's lever when pressed.
Geissele's Maritime Bolt Catch. Material from either the top edge of EMR-A's lever, or the bottom edge of
Maritime Bolt Catch's lower paddle may need to be removed for both to work together. The close proximity of these two control surfaces makes this combination less than ideal.
Receivers with the left side fence around the bolt catch and mag catch, such as some CMT, Magpul and AR15.com billet receivers. EMR-A requires the left side of the receiver to more or less adhere to TDP specs.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Lever Style

Serrated, Dimpled, Coming Soon


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