LSFA (Low Snag Forward Assit)

Forward Controls LSFA (Low Snag Forward Assist)

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Designed in collaboration with FCD and HDSI (Hodge Defense Systems) to fix an inherent problem that comes with AMBI charging handles, The LSFA is right at home on your upper of choice. What was the problem you ask? On a traditional forward assist, the rim on the outer edge of the button is in the path of the user’s fingernail/knuckle if he uses the right handle of a AMBI charging handle to load/reload. The user can easily snag on the rim. The LSFA solution is a rimless forward assist to help alleviate this issue.

LSFA (Low Snag Forward Assist) is the result of the collaboration between FCD and HDSI. With Jordan’s input, the design incorporates attributes from both the LDFA and Mod2 forward assist. It has a smooth top and bottom to mitigate snagging, and increased plunger surface area, with its pad extending inward, towards the bore, creating a forward assist with the surface area Jim likes, and the low probability of snagging important to FCD. LSFA is a fusion of previous FCD and HDSI designs, from two companies known for their meticulous attention to detail and focus on duty grade, hard use weapons and components.

Additional information

Machined from 4130 steel bar stock, heat treated with black nitride finish

Roll pins and forward assist spring are both included

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Serrated, Dimpled, Coming Soon


Forward Controls Design

Forward Controls Design | Stockpile Defense


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