Forward Controls EMR-HC Blind Hole (Enhanced Magazine Release-Heavy Continuous)

Forward Controls EMR-HC Blind Hole (Enhanced Magazine Release-Heavy Continuous)



The Enhanced Magazine Release-Continuous features a slightly curved button surface to fit the natural curvature of your finger. The form fitting curve, along with serrations, create a self centering surface that inhibits the finger’s vertical movements. The EMR-C has an uninterrupted surface and serrations. It’s taller profile makes it easier to press, and is only 0.04 taller than the factory magazine release button. When installed, the EMR-C has a 0.08 protrusion above the mag release button fence on most forged receivers.


Due to the EMR-C’s installed height which protrudes 0.08″ over the mag release fence when installed (only 0.06″ or 0.07″ of  the magazine release button travel is needed to drop a magazine), EMR-C is recommended for 7.62mm ARs only, though it does work on 5.56mm ARs and M16s.  For defense and duty ARs and M16s, please use our EMR that has only a 0.01″ protrusion over most forged receiver magazine release fence.


For .308 ARs, the EMR-C’s taller profile will allow you to use AR15/M16 spec mag catch and ambidextrous mag catch/release.  An EMR-C installed on a .308 AR will not protrude over the mag release fence.

Additional information

Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 9 in
Button Style

Serrated, Dimpled


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