Kriss USA Polymer Folding Rear Sight

Kriss USA Polymer Folding Rear Sight


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This is the OEM polymer rear flip sight that is equipped with the KRISS Vector and DMK22 firearms. This sight is extremely low profile, designed to tuck completely out of vision when folded, sitting a mere 14.22mm above the rail surface. The KRISS Low Profile Rear Sight features two apertures, 1.5mm diameter and 4.5mm diameter, for different lighting and shooting conditions. Additionally, the rear sight folds down completely flat regardless which aperture is in use, in order to be as user friendly as possible. Finally, the large, textured, adjustment knob makes windage changes with gloves simple and easy.


Please take care not to overtighten the mounting screw during installation. Torque spec is 2 Nm (1.48 ft-lb).



  • 2.25″ length folded
  • 1.19″ width at base
  • 1.19″ width at body
  • .56″ folded height

Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in


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