Agency Arms Glock Gen 5 Drop In Trigger

Agency Arms Glock Gen 5 Drop In Trigger

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Agency Arms | Stockpile Defense


Agency Arms Glock Gen 5 Drop In Trigger gives improved feel and ergonomics over a factory trigger.

The Agency Arms Glock Gen 5 drop in trigger is a replacement for your OEM trigger. This trigger will decrease the mush you feel from the factory trigger, giving you a smoother travel and reset, as well as a more defined wall/crisp break. It features an aluminum flat shoe with an OEM polished trigger bar.


Please Note:

Do not forget to lubricate the area where the trigger bar interfaces with the connector

Do not alter the trigger bar or shoe in any way


Flamed Titanium triggers will vary from trigger to trigger. They are hand flamed, so no two triggers will be alike.


Agency Arms recommends that all triggers be installed by licensed/certified Gunsmith


Fits Gen 5 Models


Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

Black, Black Shoe/Gold Safety, Flamed Titanium, Gray


Agency Arms

Agency Arms | Stockpile Defense


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