Stockpile Defense & Bruiser Industries presents Scoped Carbine

June 14/15

Bruiser Industries Scoped Carbine Training


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Stockpile Defense has partnered with Bruiser Industries to offer training courses!


JUNE 14 – JUNE 15, 2024

Scoped Carbine is a follow up course designed by Bruiser Industries, for the student who has had an intermediate level formalized rifle training looking to expand their understanding of magnified optics. This course focuses on the use of semi-automatic carbines with Low Power Variable Optics (LPVO’s) or other variable power optics. We will continue to add to your skills foundation which will enable you to continue improving your skills with advanced training or self guided practice.

Mandatory gear check the day before at Stockpile Defense from 1600-1800.


A basic carbine course from any recognized and properly vetted source.

NOTE: This class is not a basic carbine class and focuses on use of the optic and using it to engage targets at varying distances from a variety of non-standard shooting positions. A certain level of understanding of your chosen rifle platform is expected as we will not be spending extended time on basic weapon manipulation, reloading etc.

There is physical portions of this curriculum requiring a certain amount of physical fitness to accomplish the required movement or goals of the course.

What You’ll Learn from Bruiser Industries:

  • Building reliable, repeatable standard and improvised shooting positions
  • Confirmation of zero and adjustments necessary to compensate for atmospherics and location
  • Effective utilization of wind meters and ballistic calculators and/or ballistic applications
  • Engaging targets from tripods
  • Magnification management and transitioning between primary and backup sighting systems (RDS or Irons)
  • Man-on-Man timed drills
  • Multiple target engagement at varying distances
  • Precision engagement of targets inside your zero distance
  • Understanding basic wind reading and calls
  • Utilization of hold-overs for rapid target engagement

Required Equipment:

  • 450+ rounds of quality Match ammunition (will have ability to shoot more rounds if the student would like more reps)
  • A properly mounted magnified optic (back up RDS or irons recommended)
  • A quality semi-automatic carbine capable of at least 1.5 moa and at least 5.56/.223 caliber equipped with a sling and a bipod
  • Medium-sized backpack filled with a sufficient amount of clothing etc. to serve as a shooting rest/support
  • Note-taking material
  • Rifle cleaning equipment
  • Shooting mat and rear support bag
  • Water, food, clothing, sunscreen, etc. (as needed to maintain comfort)
  • Wind meter and ballistic calculator or application. (kestrels available for use)

Recommended Gear:

  • Laser range finder
  • Shooting tripod (some will be provided for use if needed)
  • Spotting scope or binoculars

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