Cloud Defensive MCH Micro EDC 350 Black

Cloud Defensive MCH Micro EDC 350 Black LE


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The output and candela you would expect from Cloud Defensive, now in a compact handheld.


The goal was simple. Create the highest-quality and most modular handheld light ever produced. Since Cloud Defensive carries these tools daily just as you do, they knew exactly what needed to be done: In order to appeal to the greatest number of people, the system needed to be adjustable at both the light head and the tail cap. And with that knowledge, The Mission Configurable Handheld was quickly born.


Sizes and Light Heads: Available in both full-size 18650 and Micro 18350 configurations, the MCH allows the users to choose from those two sizes in addition to several different light heads providing various lumen outputs, candela rating, and light temperatures.


Tail Cap Configurations: Critically, MCH allows the user to carefully select from an industry-first (and Patented) Adjustable Negligent Discharge protection system. Each light ships with the full ND Protection package and the user can now configure the tail cap for their respective needs. Be it deep-pocket carry or being at home on your plate carrier, the MCH is duty-grade in every way. And fully configurable to what you need. If your need changes, you just adjust the ND Protection accordingly with parts you already have.


MCH-EDC is the standard offering. The brightest light on the market at its size, its performance is undeniable. MCH-EDC balances the needs for strong candela with the need for usable spill. This makes it a superior tool for searching and generalized use.



35,000 Candela

1,200 Lumens

35 Minute Run Time

At at a confirmed 4000-5000K light temperature, it is a phenomenal Every Day Carry option that displays coloration similar to the older incandescent bulbs

Head Diameter: 1.20″

18350 Light Length: 4.00″

18350 Variant Weight (with battery): 5.27 oz




Additional information

Fully Customizable

Not only are multiple light heads available, but you can fully optimize the tail cap as well. Cloud is proud to offer an industry-first Negligent Discharge Protection system for the handheld that the end user can adjust as needed. The shorter ND protector reduces the amount of shrouding around the switch, and is ideal for anyone planning to use the Thyrm SwitchBack Technique. You are also able to easily utilize many of the other traditional low-light defensive techniques with this option. The other two ND protectors offer progressively more robust ND protection as they create a hard barrier between the outside world and the light switch. This is optimal for concealed carry, and EDC in instances where the light may be in your pocket, and you need to avoid inadvertently turning that light on while seated, etc. The best part? The entire ND Protection System comes with every MCH. They are easily interchanged by you, the end user. If you need to adjust the light from one role to the other, it can be done in about 10 seconds.

Battery Changing with Ease

With the all new MCH, you are able to easily change the battery from the light head side, or the tail cap side. The positive end always goes to the front of the light, and there is reverse polarity protection built in just in case.


The 18350 option uses 1 lithium Ion, rechargeable, flat-top, unprotected 18350 which is included. It is also compatible with button-top and protected cells as well. The MCH lights do NOT accept CR123 batteries at this time. Use of CR123 batteries or any other unapproved cell will void your lifetime warranty

Materials and Durability

The MCH is precision machined from Certified 6061-T6 aluminum.

Type III Anodized to MIL STD. “Hard coat”.

IPX-8 waterproof rating. Fully submersible to 100 Ft. for 24 hours.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in


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